The Best Free RAW Conversion Software – RawShooter – No More?

I was going to review the 2006 version of Pixmantec Rawshooter Essentials but it looks like the product will be disappearing soon. PhotographyBLOG has an Open Letter from Pixmantec

As we work to integrate Pixmantec technology and expertise into Adobe’s raw processing pipeline, we will no longer be working on new versions of the RawShooter | premium product, and have stopped selling this product. Of course, your RawShooter | premium product will continue to work and serve you well

They do say Canon 30D support will be arriving later so perhaps all is not lost …

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GIMPShop – Free, Powerful Photoshop-Style Photo Editing Software

I might be a Photoshop Elements user but I would hardly say I was a fan, there are a lot of things I find different or missing from its older bigger brother, such as curves. Also when your parents need a tool for sending Aunt Whatshername a quick email with the latest birthday/anniversary/holiday etc picture they don’t really want to splash out much cash.

Enter The GIMP. Famous with Linux aficionados but also available on other platforms. The only problem with GIMP is it is different again to what you are used to if you have grown up with Photoshop. These kind gentlefolks have developed a modified GIMP to be more familiar (although obviously not identical) and it is now available for Windows users; GIMPshop for Windows

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Canon Adds New DSLR Camera Photo and Raw Software Tutorial

Rob Galbraith has pointed out that Canon has added a couple of new New Digital Photo Professional tutorials. If you are an EOS owner and haven’t tried out the bundled software yet, get on over and download an update and try it out, you might be surprised at how good it is.

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Flickr Screensaver

Photodoto points us to Slickr screensaver and you know what, I am glad he did. Creating a flickr screensaver is not difficult, the difference with this screensaver is the stylish implementation.

I have mine set up to view my Flickr favourites and have switched off the pan and zoom feature which other people find cool but I think is annoying. You can choose to go through your contacts, sets, groups … well, check it out, it is well worth having a play with.

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Canon Software Update

Canon have put up some new software updates that you might find useful

  • Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 2.1
  • EOS Utility 1.0
  • CameraWindow DSLR 5.3R2 (Windows)
  • ZoomBrowser EX 5.6.0 (Windows)
  • ImageBrowser 5.6.1a (Mac).

Grab them while they are hot

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Online Photo Editing

Wow this PXN8 is pretty neat. While it won’t compete with Photoshop, or even Picassa for that matter, if you are out on the road or in a cyber cafe and need a quick little bit of photo editing this is the perfect tool. It is all web based so completely online and allows crop, zoom, resize, redeye etc. You can even send the results directly to Flickr if you don’t want to save to your disk.

PXN8 is an online image editor with a user interface developed with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) which are available by default on all modern web browsers.

See it at

Until Flickr incorporates the functionality in the main site, as they inevitably will, this is quite a cool partner to Flickrs features!

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