Picasa 2 Out of Beta

Recall my review of Picasa 2 + web albums a little while ago? Well it is finally out of beta and comes with a few fixes and updates …

We’ve also fixed a whole bunch of things in Picasa. Folders finally work as you’d expect, so people who’ve kept their photos meticulously organized in folders and subfolders can see them displayed the same way in Picasa. And we’ve added a shiny new feature to photo-editing: Save. Your Picasa edits can now be preserved when using other programs. The save feature is even undoable, so you never lose your original files.

And there’s more — you can import into any folder you like, make time-lapse sequences into movies, search by color, create a screensaver with beautiful visual effects, and even re-arrange Picasa’s buttons. Oh, and we also made Picasa work with Google Earth, so you can put information about where you went on vacation into the photos themselves, and then, view your shots on a 3-D globe. Try it all out for yourself at picasa.google.com

Via: Google Blog

On of the things I have been waiting for is now present, you can more easily import into an existing folder. I hope it is more robust too, it used to crash for me when importing many gigabytes of files at once.

I have got to test how flickr reacts to the Google Earth / Picasa geo tagging, that might be the solution I have been looking for if flickr reads them.

Interesting is the time-lapse movie export – I have had a time lapse set hanging around my laptop for ages, will be good to try that out.

All good stuff, please do try it out and let me know in the comments what you think of it!

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Free Zooomr Pro Accounts

Zooomr are giving away free Zooomr Pro accounts as a tactic to get bloggers to talk about the service. To qualify you just need a blog, any blog, so that means it is free to anyone. Find out more at the Zooomr Blog

One of things that we hope Zooomr will become in the months ahead is the photo sharing site of choice for bloggers to host their images on. Since we’re new though and need to get the word out we thought the best way to get bloggers to use our site, in addition to building killer blogger friendly features, was to invite all bloggers to join Zooomr and give them a free Zooomr Pro account.

My upgrade came through over the weekend, at this point I am more interested in reserving my name rather than moving over from Flickr but I will be reviewing the service after their planned upgrade to version 2 of the service.

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GIMPShop – Free, Powerful Photoshop-Style Photo Editing Software

I might be a Photoshop Elements user but I would hardly say I was a fan, there are a lot of things I find different or missing from its older bigger brother, such as curves. Also when your parents need a tool for sending Aunt Whatshername a quick email with the latest birthday/anniversary/holiday etc picture they don’t really want to splash out much cash.

Enter The GIMP. Famous with Linux aficionados but also available on other platforms. The only problem with GIMP is it is different again to what you are used to if you have grown up with Photoshop. These kind gentlefolks have developed a modified GIMP to be more familiar (although obviously not identical) and it is now available for Windows users; GIMPshop for Windows

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Royalty Free Stock Photography Doesn’t Seem That Great A Deal Now?

This from StockPhotoTalk is both an inspiring and at the same time woeful tale of all that is good and bad with royalty free stock photography …

Carl Purcell is a travel photographer whose art has graced publications ranging from National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report to travel sections in The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Still, an online archive at corbis.com is home to 12,800 of his more than 300,000 photos and is a primary source of income for him. One popular photo alone — of palms blowing in a typhoon in the South Pacific — has netted more than $25,000, Purcell says. But this 77-year-old retiree’s most famous image — a billowing American flag merged with the Statue of Liberty — appears on a 39-cent stamp. [..] Unfortunately for Purcell, the 8-year-old image credited to him and his former wife, Ann, was one of a handful of royalty-free photos available from an Internet archive. “The only payment I got for it was a check for $150,” he says ruefully.

So his art has found success, he has even made a bunch of cash ($25k is not to be sniffed at unless you just happen to be the hobby digital photographer called Bill Gates), and his picture even graced a stamp for goodness sake, success! Wouldn’t you feel you had been kicked in the nuts every time you received some mail stamped with your now bargain-basement image?

Thing is they probably wouldn’t have seen let alone used his image had it not been in there and how many people can claim to have had their photographs seen by as many people?

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