Camera Equipment and Airline Carry-on Rules Update

Various friends and acquaintances have been updating me recently on their experiences flying safely with their camera gear since the new airline rules about carry-on luggage. It seems for the most part, providing their needs aren’t excessive (ie. providing they didn’t try to take as much as they could before all the changes) they have been able to successfully fly with their precious camera and maybe a lens or two.

It seems though that officials are taking a very good look at all electronic gear, including your photography kit, having you unpack it all, in some cases swabbing it, so do plan on taking a little longer than your friends if you cart in half your studio. This is not the time to be getting there five minutes before boarding!

A couple of people have tried to order hard cases at their normal suppliers and found them out of stock.

The strangest report I have heard is from David Honl where they overlooked his camera gear to inspect his hotdogs, heh.

Added: Excellent discussion over at this post and in the comments, especially the tip to check your insurance small print as it seems some insurance policies DO NOT cover camera equipment checked in the hold!

So, have you flown lately? Planning to? Share your experiences here in the comments please.

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