Strange Credit Card Policies

So the other day I wrote that after reading a bunch of posts at Strobist I was buying up Photography Lighting Equipment. I wanted to order through the Strobist affiliate links, plus it was convenient to order all from the same place. Only it wasn’t so convenient.

It seems if you are outside USA they assume you are using a stolen card until you can prove otherwise by faxing both sides of your credit card (fair enough, they already had me type out the info) and my credit card statement (!). Um, no, not going to do that.

On the flickr group people assert this is standard practice (uh, no, never had to do that before) and it’s for both parties protection (maybe, but still not going to do it).

One of my credit cards is purely online, I don’t get a printed statement. What would they have me do in that case, print off the web page and fax that. Hyeah. Really secure. Plus how many times have you seen consumer report tv programs where they go through some bins and have everything they need to order a ton of junk, including as it happens fresh credit cards.

Sorry, there are some hoops even this trained monkey will not jump through.

Problem is, karma being what it is, I will probably find down the road I absolutely have to order something from these jokers.

Update: Heh, the stuff arrived this morning. So despite A) they said they wouldn’t and B) I asked for the order cancelling, it all arrived. I could have saved myself all the hassle of sourcing different suppliers, paying customs import duty, extra delivery. Lesson learned, patience first, rant later. Thanks Adorama and my apologies.

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