Your Photography Website Might Need This

Photocrati has spent many days coming up with very educational and detailed virtual classes. Two are currently available; one on your overall photography website and the other specific to SEO.

SEO is often overlooked or thought to be a waste of time, but Photocrati has made it a point to tell you why it is well worth the time.

Photocrati has recently launched two interactive courses on the Udemy education platform. Here are some details:


For $97, Supercharge Your Photography Website teaches you the fundamentals of getting your photography website going and how to optimize it for your customers and business success.

You will learn about: Hosting, WordPress, Website basics, Plugins, Themes, Layouts, Galleries, Pages, Blogging, Social Media and more.

For $49, SEO for Photographers dives into the SEO of your photography website and how you can implement the basic, most crucial SEO techniques into your website.

You will learn about: What and Why, On and Off Site, Meta Tags, Link Building, Local SEO and more.

In the graphic below, you can see how blogging plays a roll in your site’s rankings.


With Google’s new Author Rank algorithms, blogging and social media is more important than ever. To learn more about this, check out the courses, take your awesome WordPress gallery theme website to a new level and get started today, visit…

Thanks and good luck.


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