Photography SEO And The Power Of Local Relationship Building

Previously we talked about Photography SEO and link building. Today we’re going to talk about the relationships you have to make to get the ball rolling for links. I am going to use a bakery as an example.

Photography SEO  local relationship building

Photography SEO & Local Relationship Building

There are three steps to local relationship building. Below I will discuss each one.


Identifying your local relationships is step one. If you know that a local bakery is preparing food for many local events, then they are a the perfect place to start.


Once you have identified that the bakery is your first relationship to build, it is time to reach out Stop in to the bakery and talk with the employees, meet the owner and bakers. Become friendly and spend some money buying some food if you can afford it or have it in the budget. Visit the bakery’s website and comment on their blog articles. Visit their social media channels and interact with more comments, Likes, Tweets, +1s, etc.


After the engagement becomes a two-way street, it is time to send your letter. Here is a template to get you started:

Hi Tom,

I have really enjoyed the food that your bakery has prepared and the kindness from your employees. I honestly feel your bakery is the best around.

I was thinking that I could start a partner section on my photography website where I refer clients vendors I believe it, like you.

Would you consider having a similar page and exchanging links? I think it can benefits both of us and it would be fun to work together at events.

Let me know your thoughts.

See you Monday morning,


You might even offer for them to guest post on your blog.

There you have it. A simple three-step approach to photography seo relationship building.

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