Photography SEO And The Importance Of Local Marketing

So far in this photography SEO series, we have discussed local link building, local relationship building and today we are going to talk local marketing. Photography SEO isn’t only about the algorithms. In fact, relationships and marketing efforts also play a big role. Especially with the ever-changing algorithms and importance of social signals.

photography seo local marketing

Photography SEO & Local Marketing

Building relationships is also marketing, however there are additional local marketing techniques that can be used.


Provide your relationships with an incentive to send more business your way. For instance, a 5% referral bonus for every new customer you get. Make the bonus exclusive to partners you have exchanged links with.

Local Listing

Utilize local marketing sites and get your business listed on the most important websites, the ones your potential clients would be browsing.


Display your associations and memberships on your website, and make sure you are listed on theirs. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer it could be important to be listed on Best of Wedding Photography in your local area.

Host & Education

If you have a studio, host a meet and greet there. If you do not, partner with one of your relationships to use their venue. Offer a couple of presentations where you can further educate your partners so they can be an indirect and unofficial sales person for your business.

Local Metrics

Use Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools and identify what local keywords are working for you and where you need improvement.

Answer Questions

Use social sites like Quora, searching for local questions worth answering.

Where Your Customers Are

Your customers hang out on Facebook and Pinterest. You may not realize it, but Pinterest is important for photographers and more so for local marketing.

Plus Local

Google Places is now called Google Plus Local. Even if your customers are not on Google Plus, it is important to have your business set up and merged with your Google Plus Local listing.

Like with anything else, this list can go on for a while. So I want to hear from you. Comment below and share your advice for photographers to utilize local marketing for photography SEO.

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