Photographing Twin Newborns by Hillarry Pitts

For you newborn and baby photographers out there, you know that it requires a ton of patience and time to work with these tiny little ones. You also know that photographing newborns before 10 days new is best as they still like to be curled, tucked in and swaddled tight. Well, you may or may not know that photographing twins is a whole different ball game.


The most challenging is getting “together” shots, which of course parents desire the most. In many cases, twins are born early and often remain in the hospital a bit before they are strong and healthy enough to make it home. This usually means that by the time they are ready for newborn photos the 10th day has come and gone. Another issue that comes into play is that most hospitals and parents do not keep the babies close together when sleeping and such, so they aren’t necessarily happy to be stacked onto one another for photos. One important factor is to always have an assistant so that each baby has someone keeping them happy and hopefully asleep. I try to let mom and dad have a break during the session so I have an assistant who is in charge of one baby and I’m in charge of the other.


It works best to start off with one of the babies individual shots. Be sure and get close-ups or macro shots of each baby as parents like to see the different features of their babies. It works great to start off with the baby that weighs more in a tummy shot. Once these are taken you can carefully stack their twin so you can have a together shot on their tummies. Most of the time each baby will need a few minutes to settle into this pose and once they are, you can work on fine tuning the fingers etc. It often helps to wrap the babies too, so that there is less skin on skin.


f it ends up that the babies are not up for the tummy shots, they almost always will be great for back shots. You can snuggle them up in a basket so they can cuddle each other easily. Again, let them settle into it and them begin working on fine tuning. Be sure and add different accessories and slightly change hand and feet positions so that you can end up with several different shots. Remember to stay relaxed and let the babies adjust to each pose, patience is key with newborn twins and enjoy them!

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