Download Your Flickr Photosets With PHP – Updated Code

A while ago I wrote some PHP code to download your Flickr photograph sets using the Flickr API and the PHPFlickr wrapper. Since the Microsoft Yahoo! takeover rumors there has been renewed interest in the code as people want to protect their picture libraries in case they need to bail on their Flickr accounts.

Unfortunately in the time since I wrote it there have been changes that broke my code. This morning I spent some time bringing it up to date. Mostly the problem was around Flickr not returning the original sized image in the same way they used to, and it refused to work even with the most recent PHPFlickr update. It looks like I managed to sort that but it is slower than it used to be. I have a folder full of pictures anyway!

Right now it will only download one set that you specify in the code. While this sounds like a poor limitation, remember you can create a set containing every photograph you ever uploaded if you wanted. Having it download one set allows you to download into neatly organized folders and not spend a month wondering if it is working or not. You can alter the code quite easily if this is not what you need :)

I updated the original post rather than submit the code as a new article in case anyone had the old version bookmarked. Let me know how it works out for you but I am sure you understand I can’t offer any support.


  1. JC says

    I think this is a great idea (to be able to have redundant backup of photos), but I didn’t get the takeover rumor comment and bailing on Flickr.

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