Tips For Choosing The Right Photographer For The Occasion

Choosing the right photographer for your special day can be a real concern for some, you want to have beautiful photos of the day that you can treasure forever. So it makes sense to do your homework before deciding on a photographer.

Here are some things you should be aware of before hiring your photographer to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Digital Or Film?

While the vast majority of photographers these days have made the switch to digital, there are some photographers who prefer to keep it traditional and use film. It is down to personal choice and budget as to which method you choose, bear in mind using film will be more expensive due to the process of developing the prints afterwards. The drawback of film is that it is not quite so easy to make changes to your prints, even switching a colour print to black and white. With digital, there is no danger of over-exposure and the photographer can literally take thousands of shots at no extra cost to you.

Today’s digital photography offers sharp, clear, bright photographs with great clarity. What’s more, digital film allows the photographer to quickly and easily edit the photographs, put them onto DVD and email the shots to the client. This means you can share your photographs with family and friends without waiting weeks after the event.

Choosing A Photographer

No photographer is alike; they have their own individual style which reflects in their work. Depending on the occasion in which you want the photographer for, you need to check out their portfolio. For example, a wedding photographer should have an extensive range of photographs in different conditions, outside, indoor, candid, formal and more classic shots. Businesses and corporations may wish to use a commercial photographer. Make sure the photographer you select has adequate experience in photographing most events such as weddings, christenings and graduations etc. Check out their colour and black and white work as there can be variations on both styles.


A sign of a good photographer is one that is prepared to listen to what you want and work closely with you to get the best results, a good photographer will never dismiss your ideas and tell you that he/she knows best, they will want you to be happy with their work and though they may offer their opinion the final decision should always rest with the customer. Also evaluate how they work with other people. A family photographer, particularly working with children should be patient and accommodating.


How long have they been in the business for? Do they have experience in working at many different events? Make sure they have at least a few years’ experience under their belt before hiring them for an important event. This will ensure that there are no tears when looking at the images of the day. Check out testimonials and ask around for references of your chosen photographer.


Before signing on the dotted line, make sure the photographer is upfront about all of the costs involved. And don’t be afraid to ask. Be wary of photographers that offer a very low fee initially as you can get caught out when purchasing the prints as they most likely charge extremely high prices to buy the prints.

Get a full written and signed contract of what you are paying for, the hours, the location/s, the date/s of the event etc. Does the photographer have a cancellation policy? What about copyright?

By following these guidelines will assure that you will have a permanent record of your special day for many years to come.

This post was written by the team at Beck Photographic – the premier Northampton wedding photographers.


  1. says

    Great blog guys. A must read for anyone considering hiring a photographer. Having the right chemistry with your photographer is so important when the job itself can be very demanding and stressful.

  2. says

    Thanks for writing this article. I think the personality is one of the most important things to consider because if you are relaxed with your photographer, your photos will look much more natural.

  3. Shane Gibbs says

    Selecting a photographer is a difficult task; you can’t judge a photographer by just one meet. At least I find them all same, few digital cameras, big lenses, and some different look. But while selecting one to capture my son I get to know it’s not that much difficult. Most of the photographers have a space on their website just like this where you can imagine what results you can expect from your photographer.

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