The Top 10 Best Photography Business Blogs

Since readers of this blog are obviously interested in what makes a successful photography business, I thought I’d share what I consider to be some of the best photography business blogs on the web. Of course, the DSLRBlog Photography Business Blog would make the list, as would the business section of Photocrati’s photography blog. But since I run both of those, I can’t very well include them here, can I :).

Outside of these, here is a list of great blogs that I regularly read and find to have the excellent information for aspiring professionals thinking about building their businesses.

Dan Heller’s Photography Business Blog

This is a very well-known photography business blog. Heller offers up a richer and more detailed set of writing on running a photography business than almost anyone else. Indeed, many parts of his “blog” read more like book chapters (some are). Heller is also an authority in the area of model releases – much of the information from his book on the subject can also be found on his website. He has great information on the stock photography business as well. The articles are uncommonly long and and sometimes excruciatingly detailed.


This is a well-established blog about starting and running a photography business. The authors offer great tips in down-to-earth language that’s easy to understand. They comment on a wide array of different topics, and include a good number of articles that are just fun articles about photography, and not as much about the photography business. Compared to Heller’s blog, the articles here are shorter and easier to read, but with less detail (the same can be said for most of the rest of the blogs here).

Black Star Rising

This is another group blog with well over a dozen contributors. It’s affiliated with Black Star the photojournalism / stock company, and most of the contributors are Black Star photographers. Black Star Rising is not an exclusively business-oriented blog, but much of the the content is. Unlike many other business-related blog, this one has a photojournalism emphasis. I find this blog to be fresh – it’s less fluffy than Photopreneur and less detailed than Dan Heller’s blog.

Stock Photo Talk

A great blog on the stock photography business by Andy Goetze. If you are interested in stock photography, I would consider this blog a must-read. You won’t find a lot of highly targeted advice about running your own business, but you will find a wealth of up-to-date information about what’s happening in the world of stock photography.

Photo Lovecat

Photo Lovecat is a blog, again by multiple photographers, dedicated to photography business issues. This is a great blog for aspiring photographers. It’s fresh, has a ton of good business related content, and its very easy on the eyes. You’ll find articles on everything from working with clients to registering a photography business to using social media.

Strategy Avenue Blog

The Strategy Avenue blog, by Laura and John Novak, is the blogging arm of their consulting and training business for photographers (Strategy Avenue). You’ll find well written articles on various aspects of running and improving a successful photography business. Laura’s work consulting with photographers has given here a good grasp of the common problems aspiring photographers face.

A Photo Editor

This is a great blog by Rob Haggart. It’s not exclusively about running a photography business, but there are plenty of great business-oriented tips in the mix. Haggart’s perspective is particularly useful because of his long-time experience as an editor. To read his blog is to temporarily see things more from the perspective of an editor.

Photo Business News and Forum

This is a great blog dedicated to photography business issues by John Harrington. It’s a blend of nuts and bolts advice on running a photo business, on the one hand, and commentary on trends in the photography industry, on the other. John Harrington is also the author of the well-selling book, Best Business Practices for Photographers.

ASMP Strictly Business Blog

This is a semi-official blog of the American Society of Media Photographers. It’s written by a dozen ASMP members. I like group blogs since they offer a more diverse array of viewpoints on any given issue, and that’s an advantage here. Obviously, the fact that this blog is written by one of the major photography associations gives the views of the authors credibitlity. On the downside, while this blog has great potential, but it’s relatively new and the content is still notably thin. Either that or they just don’t have very good navigation to their archives of articles.

A blog targeted at advanced enthusiasts and pro photographers by Jim Talkington. This blog focuses a lot on photographic technique and general photography tips, but you’ll still find a wealth of articles on the nuts and bolts of running a photography business.

Of course, the blogging world is vast, so no doubt there are other photography business blogs that probably content for a spot on the list. If you know of any, feel free to mention them below.


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    I am the editor of the ASMP Strictly Business Blog. ASMP appreciates being acknowledged on your list of go to blogs for photographers. I just want to clarify that the ASMP Strictly Business Blog is an official ASMP resource – nothing “semi” about it.

    The blog launched less than three months ago, so our archives are not deep yet. Stay tuned as we add contributors and resources all the time. We do have a video library started offering another type of photo business education. This first round is based on the Strictly Business 2 conferences held last year.

    Hope this helps,

  2. says

    Thanks for the note, Susan. Given the caliber of the people contributing to the blog, I really look forward to seeing how the blog develops. I have no doubt it will become a great resource.