A Wedding And A Cemetery by Joel Conner


© Joel Conner

One of our weddings a few months ago had something what we had never experienced before. After shooting over 100 weddings, there is not much we have not seen. Our couple had a lovely ceremony, and after we were finished with more formal photos for the day, we took a trip to the cemetery so that the groom could lay a flower on his father’s grave.


© Joel Conner

His father was a fire chief who had died some years ago, and even though it had been a while, the memory of his father was still very strong in the groom, his mother, and his sister. There were several things throughout the day highlighting how important he was to everyone. I have to be honest, I have experienced many emotional moments at weddings before, but after all this time, I am not sure that I have seen anything that hit so deeply. When they arrived at the grave, everyone was crying opening. It was so clear how much love everyone there had for each other and for their departed father, husband, and friend. It was very moving for everyone standing there…including myself. Even though there was pain involved, I could not be inspired by the overwhelming amount of love I say there among the friends and family.


© Joel Conner

I am blessed to know that my images from this day are something they all will cherish forever, because it shows anyone who sees them that love continues even after tragedy.

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